Product Description

The Gravity Roller Loader/Unloader is a declining, telescoping gravity conveyor on casters that can be manually pulled up to or onto a truck trailer, providing an ergonomic solution for unloading. These conveyors are most commonly found in receiving areas, warehouses, and other locations where it is necessary to unload packages and other items from trucks and shipping containers.

Telescoping conveyors can improve productivity and efficiency at the dock door while returning otherwise lost space when not in use.

  • Space-saving design with five booms of telescoping gravity conveyor retracts to approximately 25% of the overall length when not in use
  • 3″ of decline per 10′ long boom
  • Free-spinning wheels allow products and packages to be moved manually with minimal effort
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight compared to steel for reduced strain in manual extension and retraction
  • 6″ diameter heavy duty casters with brakes provide reliable mobility
  • Welded and painted steel side guides provide support at potential product impact points, keeping product on the conveyor
  • UHMW impact plate at loading end protects unloader from wear and allows smooth transition onto rollers
  • Package stop at unloading end keeps product safely on conveyor without user interference
  • Connection hooks at unloading end allow temporary attachment to another conveyor or other piece of equipment

Bed Width24″
Extended Length47.58′
Retracted Length12.25′
Overall Height42″ at load end; 27″ at unload end
Capacity50 pounds per linear foot (PLF)
Rollers1.9″ diameter PVC gravity rollers on 3″ centers