ConveyX Corp. is a full service original equipment manufacturer providing material handling equipment for high volume load and unload applications. ConveyX Corp. makes material handling equipment that is complimented with a variety of accessories to maximize operational flexibility. Our equipment is designed to endure the fast paced dock door environment. However, routine equipment maintenance is still necessary and to simplify your sourcing needs, we offer “the original” replacement parts and supplies.

Material Handling Equipment


Parts & Service

80' powered flex conveyor material handing equipment

ConveyX Corp. specializes in rapid product development, which enables us to adapt products to our customer’s requirements and ever changing operational environments. Our “build to order” operating model and company culture allows us to quickly design equipment.

Conveyor Centering Transition

Our accessories provide the highest level of flexibility and adaptability to complement our already feature-rich product offering delivering the ultimate solution for versatility.

Our accessories enable customers to define a standard set of install equipment that can be accessorized to adapt for each location.

MDR rollers for conveyors and material handling equipment

ConveyX Corp. offers a full range of parts and aftermarket supplies to support the manufactured products. While our equipment is made to last, it still requires routine maintenance and parts replacement. For more information regarding pricing and availability contact us.


Many factors have changed and impacted the material handling industry which has subsequently impacted the requirements for the equipment. ConveyX Corp. has a full line of load and unload conveyors and accessories that truly are flexible!

It is very difficult to fully  “FUTURE PROOF” your equipment however, ConveyX Corp. is prepared to design solutions to meet your current and future needs.